If you are here, chances are you love chocolate! When you think about it...doesn't everybody?  Our passion for chocolate has led us on a journey to produce this AMAZING chocolate bar. We begin by growing organic Arriba de Nacional Cacao in the land where it all started..



Andean Chocolate Company’s Tree-Ta Bar (TM) is an artisenal, single batch, arriba cacao chocolate bar produced in Ecuador. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. Or does it?








 The big buzz these days in the gourmet chocolate world is bean-to bar. At Andean we’ve taken it one step further.

We are Tree-To-Bar.


We grow the seedlings. We plant and nurture our trees. We harvest by hand, then ferment and dry our cacao in the Kichwa traditiion. That’s Tree-To-Bean.


Then we deliver our beans to Luis, our chocolatier at Salinerito. Luis is a perfectionist. He went to Switzerland and Italy to study with the best. He will only work with beans that meet his high standards. (That’s kinda who you want in charge of your chocolate!) That’s Bean-To-Bar. We’re pretty much one-of-a-kind. And...our Tree-Ta bars are outrageous.








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